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Controlling Time: Painting with Light, Time-Lapse, and More

Jim Rose
April 11, 2018
7:00 pm - 9:30 pm
$49 Class
Canon Live Learning San Francisco
201 California St.
Suite 100
San Francisco, California 94111


Controlling time. That’s something most people have always dreamed of. We, as photographers, have the capability of controlling time with our cameras. 

Photographers can use long exposures to see past the capability the human eye, turn hours into seconds using a time-lapse technique as well as “paint with light” to create and capture surreal effects that are only visible to the camera. 

You will learn the basics of time-lapse photography including exposure, calculating timing and composition. After that we will show you how to assemble all of it in the computer to create a time-lapse movie. 

Nighttime photography can be a mystery to most photographers. We will be showing you how to use long exposures and the bulb setting for nighttime cityscapes and “painting with light”. 

Another fascinating aspect of nighttime photography is capturing the moon and stars. You will learn how to get proper exposure, white balance and use other camera settings to make amazing images of the night sky. 

If you care to participate, there will be a time-lapse photography session during this class, utilizing the techniques learned so make sure you bring your DLSR camera with memory card, charged battery. You will also need a tripod, and a camera with built-in Interval Timer or Time-Lapse Movie functionality, such as the EOS 7D Mark II, EOS 6D Mark II, EOS 5DS, EOS 5DS R, EOS 5D Mark IV, or EOS 80D. If you camera doesn’t have this built-in, you will need to bring a remote controller with time lapse function (such as the Canon Timer Remote Controller TC-80N3, or similar). 

What you will learn: 

• Fundamentals of time-lapse photography 

• Light sources for painting with light 

• Exposures for stars/Milky Way photography 

• How to shoot fireworks displays 

• Creative effects manipulating the lens during long exposures 

What to bring:

• Camera with a standard lens 

• Memory card 

• Tripod 

• Remote release with built-in intervalometer (unless it is built into the camera body) 

What is provided: 

• Canon notebook, pen and lens cloth 

• Water and light snacks

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