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Beyond the Green Zone

Jim Rose
April 09, 2018
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Free Seminar
Canon Live Learning San Francisco
201 California St.
Suite 100
San Francisco, California 94111


Do you have a new DLSR and want to go beyond snapshots? This seminar is designed for you. 

How do you create images with impact? We will show you the possibilities that exist beyond your camera’s Green Zone. 

Topics will include: 

• Should I shoot RAW? 

• How shutter speeds can be used to stop action of show movement 

• How the aperture can be used to control depth of field and how that effects your picture 

• Can changing lenses make a difference? 

• When should I use a Speedlite? 

• When and how do I adjust exposure? 

• Using the camera’s assists such as HDR and Highlight Tone Priority 

• Compositional guidelines 

Once you master these basic DSLR techniques, your photography will go to a whole new level. 

What to bring: 

• Your camera (optional) 

What is provided: 

• Canon notebook, pen and lens cloth 

• Water and light snacks

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