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Birds-in-Flight Photo Walk

Dave Henry
March 25, 2018
10:00 am - 2:00 pm
$99 Hands-on Workshop
Canon Live Learning San Francisco
201 California St.
Suite 100
San Francisco, California 94111


Capturing birds in-flight is one of the hottest pursuits of photographers today. Getting your subject in focus is critical, but how to do that remains a mystery to many. 

The big question is, how do you choose which autofocus case to use and should the parameters be adjusted based on your subject? 

Join our resident photojournalist and Canon Live Learning instructor Dave Henry in a four-hour photo walk shooting session along the embarcadero in San Francisco. 

We’ll begin at the Canon Live Learning classroom then make our way to the embarcadero to photograph birds-in-flight and work on fine tuning our autofocus selections based on subject backgrounds. 

During the workshop we’ll be making some great photographs but we’ll also be working on the fundamentals of composition, depth-of-field, exposure and discuss various menu settings that will have an effect on our photographs. 

This photo walk workshop requires competency with the functions of your camera and lenses. 

This is also your chance to see through a professional photographer’s eye and learn how to customize your autofocus and action sequence camera settings to create a stunning photograph. 

The class will continue back in the Live Learning classroom with a discussion on the techniques discussed and evaluate our results. 

Dave has taught numerous African safaris and wildlife workshops so don’t miss this unique walking photography workshop to learn what it takes to make that next big jump in developing your skills as a wildlife/bird photographer. 

Workshop space is very limited for better accessibility to the instructor so sign up now! If you are interested in photographing birds of prey, you should consider our Birds of Prey workshop on April 1, 2018. 

What you will learn: 

• Dave’s menu favorites for wildlife action photography 

• How to use many of the menus applicable to bird photography 

• How to manage dynamic range in high-contrast lighting situations 

• How to decide which autofocus case to use 

• How to customize autofocus settings 

• How to move focus points 

• How to link focus points and metering 

What to bring: 

• Your camera and telephoto lens with lens shade 

• Your camera’s instruction manual in PDF form on your phone 

• Freshly charged batteries 

• Empty and formatted memory cards 

• Monopod (not required) 

• A hat and comfortable walking shoes 

What is provided: 

• Canon notebook, pen and lens cloth 

• Water and light snacks

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