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Composition! The Art of Seeing

Dave Henry
February 27, 2018
7:00 pm - 9:30 pm
$49 Class
Canon Live Learning San Francisco
201 California St.
Suite 100
San Francisco, California 94111


Have you ever wondered why certain pictures grab your eye and stick in your memory? 

Creating an image that captures the viewer’s interest and holds it usually doesn’t happen by accident. Studies have shown that a photo, because of lighting and composition, captivates a viewer. 

Join photojournalist and Canon Live Learning instructor, Dave Henry, in an exploration of the concepts of composition and lighting. They actually go hand-in-hand. Let us show you how the delicate balance between lighting and composition is like a beautiful ballet. 

We’ll show you the guidelines (usually referred to as rules) used in composition and the importance of allowing the light to PUSH the subject for that magical balance between subject and the sense of gut-feel. 

We’ll talk about the use of compositional aids such as leading lines, rule of thirds and creating negative space and show you how to use different color balances to spice up the look of your photographs. 

Sometimes making a great photograph means choosing a slightly different camera position, lens choice or filter. More than simply pointing and shooting, we’ll talk about the thought process that goes into composing an image and how paying more attention in this area alone will yield BIG results. 

This will change your photographs overnight! 

What you will learn: 

• Fundamental composition including compositional guidelines 

• What make one image more visually appealing than another 

• Dave’s menu favorites for managing composition 

• How to pre-visualize your composition before ever getting behind the camera 

• How lighting can push a subject 

• Using the LCD monitor’s image playback as a first step in judging composition 

What is provided: 

• Canon notebook, pen and lens cloth 

• Water and light snacks

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