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San Francisco Zoo Photo Walk

Dave Henry
February 18, 2018
10:00 am - 2:00 pm
$99 Hands-on Workshop
San Francisco Zoo
Sloan and Great Hwy
San Francisco, California 94132


If you love photographing wildlife, this photo walk at the San Francisco zoo is for you. 

Zoos offer the opportunity to capture images of animals that might otherwise prove very difficult to make in the field. A photo safari to Africa is expensive and a zoo is a great way to sharpen your photographic skills in preparation for that trip. 

Shooting in the field and at a zoo both have obstacles that must be overcome to get great images. We’ll cover photographing different types of animal enclosures and how to work around these obstacles and how to plan your day around the light to maximize your success. Photojournalist and Canon Live Learning instructor, Dave Henry, will be there the entire time to help you overcome these obstacles and assist you in making some great images. 

HD video provides us the opportunity to not only show the motion of animals but also to capture their unique sounds. We’ll cover focus and lighting techniques and discuss which microphones you should consider to minimize the background noise of other visitors. 

If you need more background on photographing animals in the field and at a zoo, you might consider attending our Zoo and Wildlife Photography seminar on February 17, 2018 at the Canon Live Learning Center in San Francisco. 

Join us for a fun workshop on capturing great images of animals. 

Sign up early as attendance is very limited. 

What you will learn: 

• Dave’s menu favorites for wildlife action photography 

• Multiple ways to stabilize your camera 

• Picture Styles to manage dynamic range in contrasty light 

• How to shoot moving action 

• How to use depth-of-field for selective focus 

• How to move focus points 

• How to plan your shooting day at a zoo 

What to bring: 

• Your camera and lenses with lens shades 

• A telephoto lens at least 300mm 

• Speedlite 

• Microphone for your camera if shooting video 

• Your camera’s instruction manual in PDF form on your phone 

• Freshly charged batteries 

• Empty and formatted memory cards 

• Monopod or tripod 

• Wide brimmed hat 

• Sun screen 

• Comfortable walking shoes 

• Water and snacks 

• Luggage cart with box attached to hold your gadget bag etc. or rent a baby stroller at the zoo

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