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Shooting Small: An Intimate DP/Director Collaboration with Director Vicki Callahan and DP Dianne Farrington

Vicki Callahan & Dianne Farrington
April 23, 2018
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Free Seminar
Canon Burbank
3400 West Olive Ave Suite 250
Burbank, California 91505


The documentary "One River, One Boat" explores the dynamics of racial justice and reconciliation in the aftermath of the tragedies of the Walter Scott and Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church shootings in 2015. One River, One Boat uses interviews, archival material, and current footage of the activist actions to tell the story of a community where the focus on recent tragedies has been on forgiveness” and “grace” rather than toward real solutions to racial injustice. 

Vicki and Dianne will discuss their collaboration in a very challenging environment: 

• Methods and ethos employed as the foundation for filming communities and personal interviews dealing with difficult topics 

• Moving up from the Canon XC15 to the Canon EOS C300 Mark II and why Canon compact zooms were the right choice. 

• Using the camera in challenging and intimate settings 

• Shaping a vision that mixes historical setting and personal stories 

• First-time collaboration insights for director/cinematographer 

• Keeping vision consistent over disparate locales 

• Story evolution over the 3-day filming 

• Lessons learned going forward/next steps  

Vicki ​Callahan ​is ​a ​Fulbright ​Scholar, ​Associate ​Professor ​of ​Cinema ​Media ​Arts ​+ ​Practice ​Division ​at ​the ​School ​of ​Cinematic ​Arts ​at ​University ​of ​Southern ​California Dianne ​Farrington, Cinematography ​Faculty ​at ​USC ​School ​of ​Cinematic ​Arts, ​DP/Camera ​Operator ​for ​over ​25 ​years. ​ 

This ​dynamic ​duo ​will ​share ​their ​informative ​journey.

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