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Focusing on the Lens

Liz Hinlein & Anka Malatynska
March 29, 2018
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Free Seminar
Canon Burbank
3400 West Olive Ave Suite 250
Burbank, California 91505


This Fearless Film School is being offered by award-winning director/DPs Liz Hinlein and Anka Malatynska. This exclusive opportunity will give you tools to “discover the magical and learn the logical.” 

This seminar is about how your choice of lenses will enhance your storytelling vision and unleash your creative force. We will discuss how to go about using a variety of shooting styles, lenses, and techniques to evoke the heart of your story. We will explore the implications of a moving camera, handheld and/or static frame have on the tone of your film. We will show you how camera placement, framing, and movement can contribute to powerful performances and storytelling. You will play with various lenses and optics for Canon cameras and learn how to unlock their magic. 

Anka is equally at home behind the lens of a multi-million dollar blockbuster as she is on an indie guerilla shoot. Anka has traveled the world and back, hob-nobbing with dignitaries and diplomats, and hanging with East L.A. gangsters. She speaks three languages fluently and is comfortably conversational in half a dozen more, which only enhances Anka’s ability to make absolutely anyone and everyone feel comfortable in front of the lens. Anka has traversed the globe photographing feature films & documentaries over the past decade: from National Geographic's Most Amazing Photos television series to Walden Media's Dear Dumb Diary, to Showtime’s I’m Dying Up Here. Her work is bold and diverse. Her collaborators include directors: Rose MacGowen, Kristin Hangii, Tim Hunter, Michael Ghondry, James Chressanthis ASC, and many more. Anka wrapped production on Little Women, starring Leah Thompson and Sara Davenport, last month and is traveling to Thailand to photograph Mei Chi, Buddhist nun and living saint of Thailand later this month. 

An established feature, commercial director, and cinematographer Liz is an award-winning filmmaker who employs her creativity and passion for visual storytelling across multiple mediums including television, VR, and branded content. Liz has helmed commercials and branding films for major global companies, partnering repeatedly with the likes of DOVE,REVLON, GILLETTE, MAYBELLINE, A&E, MAC COSMETICS and many others. Her first feature film, OTHER PEOPLE’S CHILDREN, won multiple awards for directing and cinematography and currently plays on Amazon Prime and iTunes. Most recently she directed the live action for a VR project BEHIND THE SYLE. It won Best Branded Content/Commercial at the 2018 VR FEST beating out the large VR players such as Mr. Robot and Rogue One. She also is one of six directors chosen for the TISCH OTHER program and has been paired with established showrunner MATTHEW CARNAHAN (House of Lies, Dirt). She is an active member of the DGA Women’s Steering Committee and The Alliance of Women.

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