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The Sound of Films: A Sound Course for DPs

March 20, 2018
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Free Seminar
Canon Burbank
3400 West Olive Ave Suite 250
Burbank, California 91505


The DP and Sound Mixer relationship is crucial for capturing the image and the sound in the best possible way for saving time and money down the line. This panel will explore ways sound people can interface with the DP on the set! What do we need from the DP and vice-versa in order to ensure that sound gets as much weight as the image. How can we help each other for the good of the film? 

Discussion Topics: 

• The foundation of a movie - production sound - how to capture the best sound possible on the set or location 

• Creating a production sound library 

• What can you, as a DP, do to help your production mixer? 

• After you shoot, making sure your audio tracks get into your edit sessions so that it gets to your sound editor 

• Sound editing - putting the magic in 

• Production sound editing (aka "dialogue editing") 

• Completing the sound job - pre-dubbing and final mix 

• Deliverables - all the different formats you may need to deliver 


Nancy Schrieber - DP 

Kimby Caplan - DP

Carrie Sheldon, Mary Jo Devenny, Ryan Graff - production sound mixers 

Paula Fairfield - award-winning sound effects editor on Game of Thrones 

Karol Urban - re-recording mixer 

Anna Behlmer - re-recording mixer 

Teri Dorman - Supervising Sound editor and newly appointed on the board of governors at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences 

Angie Rubin –music editor 

Solange Schwalbe - Supervising Foley editor and teacher 

Moderated by Vickie Sampson – Supervising Sound Editor and Director 

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