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Canon EOS C300 Mark II Full Day Workshop for Production Professionals- SOLD OUT

Suny Behar
March 17, 2018
10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Free Seminar
Canon Burbank
3400 West Olive Ave Suite 250
Burbank, California 91505


As space is limited, please only sign up for one of the workshop's days, and if you are no longer able to make it please notify us as soon as possible so your seat can be filled by another participant. 

Canon Burbank invites you to attend an exclusive one-day intensive workshop with the new EOS C300 Mark II digital cinema camera. Designed for industry professionals and taught by renowned tech guru and cinematographer, Suny Behar, this session is designed to get you up to speed quickly on the EOS C300 Mark II by providing you with the necessary and vital information for using one on your next production. 

From unboxing to post, Suny Behar will demonstrate the strengths of the EOS C300 Mark II, as well as give an unbiased and straightforward look at the complete Cinema EOS system. Suny Behar’s experience and working knowledge with a wide range of cameras gives him the unique perspective to place the EOS C300 Mark II in its optimal place on any production. 

This workshop is designed for industry professionals with a working knowledge of digital cinema cameras and recommended for all camera department classifications. 

What you will learn:

• The features and benefits of the EOS C300 Mark II 

• Navigating the Exterior Buttons, Menu Structure, and Accessories 

• An understanding of Color Spaces, Gammas, and Formats offered 

• Best practices for use in daily production 

• How to work with HDR imagery on set with the DP-V2410 

• Post Production workflow with both Canon RAW and XF-AVC formats 

What to bring: 

• Media options for taking home sample footage: 

• CFast Cards for recording directly from camera 

• SD Cards for recording proxy footage directly from camera 

• External computer hard drive for copy of footage from demo CFast Card  

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