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Austin Field Trip: Capturing the Essence of Childhood

Jennifer Borget
November 04, 2017 - November 05, 2017
JW Marriott Austin
110 E 2nd Street
Austin, Texas 78701
Travel recommendations:
Austin Bergstrom International (AUS)
Canon Live Learning
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The days are long but the years are short. Children grow up in a snap. Take great photos of your children and you'll have beautiful keepsakes forever.  Capturing beautiful candid images of your children doesn’t have to be left to the professionals. Every parent wants to capture their child’s authentic self and wants to see the real smiles, not the “for-the-camera” smiles.

Join Jennifer Borget, a blogger, photographer and most importantly, mother of two rambunctious kids, to see how there's more to taking great pictures than simply breaking out your smartphone.

Jennifer demonstrates how to get out of auto-mode, use your gear to its full potential and use techniques for lifestyle photography. Learn the skills you need to create images and memories that last a lifetime.

In this combination of classroom and off-site photography sessions, learn how to maximize your gear and capture memories for your family.

Where We're Going:

Day 1:

  • Meet for registration, introductions and gear loans.
  • DSLR Basics
  • Aperture priority mode, then switching to full manual, ISO, F-stop, shutter speed briefly broken down.
  • Composition/ rule of thirds, negative space
  • Practice photographing children using these new tools. Experiment with full manual mode.
  • Candid photography vs posing discussion and practice. Outdoor, indoor differences. Getting natural smiles out of kids.

Day 2:

  • Photographing indoors. Looking for the light. Angles and metering. Full-light vs side light, or backlight (silhouette). Adjusting in tungsten light.
  • Photographing outdoors, looking for shade, golden hours, backlight etc.
  • Photography at high noon.
  • Capturing children in motion, photographing running, jumping, and skipping kids. Using panning techniques, and/or high shutter speeds to freeze swinging.
  • Overcoming challenges shooting groups of children
  • Remote shooting and getting in the picture with kids.
What's Included:
  • You will have the opportunity to learn and experiment with a range of Canon EOS Bodies and EF lenses.
  • Expert instruction in the field and classroom from Jennifer Borget and support from the Canon Live Learning Team.
  • Access to the latest Canon gear: L-Series lenses, and Canon EOS-6D Mark II, EOS 80D, and 5D Mark IV bodies
  • 1-2 Professional Prints of your work to take home from a Canon Pro Printer

Gear loans are included as part of the workshop fee and will provide the opportunity to experiment with the latest Canon gear, including L-Series lenses and Canon’s EOS Rebel T7i and EOS 80D, allowing you to push your photography to the next level.

What You Will Learn
  • How to capture your child’s true joy while incorporating movement and fun.
  • Learn the tools to create images and memories that last a lifetime.
  • Basic DSLR camera settings and functions
  • How to capture candid moments at home
  • How to get a squirmy child to sit still (at least long enough for a photo!)
  • Extracting natural smiles
  • Great ways to compose a "good shot"
  • Creating photos you'll want to print and hang on your wall
Skill level:

Beginner to intermediate. Little to no intermediate knowledge is A-ok. The perfect workshop for new/ amateur and hobbies photographers wanting to step up their work and learn how to capture the essence of childhood.

Why Learn With Canon:

Canon Live Learning Visionary Workshops let you access exclusive experiences where you can develop. Learn directly from Canon, with instructors who not only know the EOS system inside and out, but who love photography as much as you, and who have been shooters for decades. In just one day, this fun, hands-on workshop will open doors to new possibilities with the Canon gear you own today, and give you the confidence to expand your portfolio with great on-location images.

Shoot Side-By-Side With The Pros
You’ll be alongside like-minded photography pros, ready to answer any question—and provide expert advice on how to bring your visions to life, how to maximize your camera’s functions and get creative with lenses.

Smaller Is Better
In this intimate setting, you’ll have easy access to instructors as well as the Canon Live Learning support staff. At our Visionary Workshops, we deliberately keep class sizes small. You’ll have all the attention you need to further develop your skills.

Get Hands-on With The Best Canon Gear
You’ll not only shoot with the best instructors—you’ll shoot with the best gear!  Workshop attendees can access a range of Canon “dream gear,” including the latest EOS cameras and lenses, with Canon instructors ready to offer their technical and creative assistance every step of the way.

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