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Production Brief with the EOS C200

Canon’s new EOS C200 and EOS C200B are the latest additions to a comprehensive line of Cinema EOS cameras. The current lineup of cameras offers a solution for every level of production, from the EOS C100 for an independently funded web series to the EOS C700 for multi-million dollar productions.

Post-Production Brief with the EOS C200

As discussed in the previous Production Brief with EOS C200, the EOS C200 and EOS C200B are exciting cameras with a huge feature set, designed to improve the production experience. However, Canon realizes that on-set production is just one part of the overall production environment. This is why a lot of thought was also put into the post-production end of the chain as well.

Cinema and Broadcast White Papers

Learn about the major features and technologies of our Cinema and Broadcast systems.

Free Firmware for Select Canon Video and Cinema Cameras

Free Firmware Announcement for Select Canon Cinema EOS, Professional Video and Multi-Purpose cameras: EOS C700, EOS C100 Mark II, EOS C100 DAF, EOS C100, XC10, XC15, ME20F-SH, and ME200S-SH

EOS C300 Mark II Resources & Guides

EOS C300 Mark II Cinema camera is an evolutionary, second-generation Cinema EOS System model that’s been reworked, redesigned, and reengineered with the valued input of thousands of users worldwide.

A Closer Look at the December 2016 Free Firmware Updates for the C300 and C300 Mark II

In July 2016, Canon released an important firmware update for the C300 Mark II. It turns out they were just getting started. To make things even better, this December 2016 Firmware offers improved camera functions for both the EOS C300 Mark II and, just in case you thought they had forgotten about it, the original EOS C300 as well.

Stills from Video: 4K Video Frame Grabs

The advent of 4K DSLR video in Canon’s flagship EOS-1D X Mark II, and now the EOS 5D Mark IV, has revolutionized still photography: this is high-resolution video, so good that each frame has sufficient quality for use in both web and print applications.

Vlogging with the Canon EOS M3: Jem Schofield of theC47

A vlog is really a video-based blog and can be about anything. Like a written blog, it contains the ideas, activities and opinions of a particular person or people.

What's New: Introducing Canon's Flagship Cinema EOS C700

Canon’s new EOS C700 flagship cinema camera represents the culmination of image engineering and product design you might expect from five years of Canon’s digital cinema development, and represented by the current Cinema EOS line of cameras.

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