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Chasing the Light on Route 66 with the Canon 5D Mark IV

Photographers chase the light, which is ever-changing in intensity, color, contrast and direction. On our Route 66 road trip, I chased the light for nine days in April 2017, and recorded it with the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV.

Improving Your Travel Photography: Working the Subject

When traveling, a lot of our pictures are based around a single subject. A single picture of that subject may not tell the whole story. By working the subject we will use all of the techniques we have available to create different looks at a single subject.

Multiple Camera Eclipse Coverage

It is possible to have one camera shooting a time-lapse sequence with an intervalometer automatically clicking the shutter while you’re operating a second camera. You can add to that a video camera documenting your movements and/or that of your friends and family at the same time. It just takes planning, coordination and equipment.

Planning Multiple Exposure Sequences

In this article, we're going to discuss using an image-editing program (such as Adobe Photoshop®), to stack numerous individual images of the sun into one finished composite image.

Surf Photography with the EOS-1DX Mark II

Professional surf photographer Zak Noyle talks about his experience with the Canon EOS-1DX Mark II and how this incredible DSLR fits into his unique photography workflow.

Photographing Fireworks

Fireworks are one of the most inspiring and photogenic, yet challenging, subjects to capture. Learn which settings and accessories can help you in those shooting situations.

EOS 6D Mark II for Landscape Photography

If you are a passionate landscape photographer, here are reasons you should consider the new EOS 6D Mark II camera. One of the hallmarks the landscape photographer expects is excellent rendering of fine details, along with excellence in tonal values, shadow and highlight details, and color rendering.

EOS 6D Mark II for Nature and Wildlife Photography

In this article, we’ll look at some of the features in the new Canon EOS 6D Mark II camera, and apply them to the very diverse world of nature and wildlife photography.

Ten Reasons the EOS Rebel SL2 Should Be Your Next Vlogging Camera

The EOS Rebel SL series of camera has been Canon’s smallest and lightest (as of June 2017) DSLR. It has always been a great photography camera for those who want to travel, but now with the EOS SL2, it is also now a great camera for social media video content creators.

Canon EOS Rebel SL2: A Great Beginner Camera

You love taking pictures, but maybe you've reached the limits of your smartphone and you want more quality or creative control. If you want to step up your photography game, here are ten reasons why the new Canon EOS Rebel SL2 is a great beginner camera for you.

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