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Lens Choice: How Changing Your Focal Length Affects Your Look - Part 2

In my last article, we learned about the effect that focal length can have on our imagery, and took a close look at focal lengths ranging from 11 to 70mm. Here, we'll continue the discussion of focal lengths with special attention to focal lengths ranging from 85mm to 200mm. We'll also take a look at the effects you can achieve with a tilt-shift lens.

Great Close-ups Without a Macro Lens

During the warmer weather seasons, photographers of all experience levels embrace the opportunity to get outside to do some outdoor shooting.  Few things draw more attention from photographers than foliage and especially flowers, and it’s something most of us have tried to capture on multiple occasions.

EOS 6D Mark II for Weddings and Events

Bringing full-frame imagery to event photography — whether you’re a serious photo enthusiast, a budding professional, or even a full-fledged pro wedding shooter — is a great way to raise the quality of your images.

A Total Guide to Totality: Solar Eclipse Photography

Solar eclipses are a rare natural phenomenon. Total solar eclipses are even rarer. On August 21, 2017 there will be a total solar eclipse viewable and photographable across the entire United States.

Great Landscape Photography Made Easy: Working With Water in Motion

Photographing moving water at different shutter speeds produces different looks, from a silky effect to frozen detail. When photographing the ocean surf, waterfalls, streams or any moving water, I often bracket the shutter speeds to create a variety of results.

The Big Day - Final Thoughts

By now, you’ve been planning for this day for months. You’ve selected your camera and lens. You’ve bought a solar filter, you’ve read and re-read all the articles and you’re ready. At least you think you’re ready.

Solar Eclipse Pocket Field Guide

August 21st is fast approaching, and by now, you've probably read all the articles and have already started packing for the big event. We've created a field guide for you to print out and keep with you on the day of the eclipse, for quick reference just in case. Please click on the link below to download the PDF. Good luck!

Setting Up the SX60 HS

The PowerShot SX60 HS is a powerhouse performer. It’s relatively inexpensive, will generate a big sun disk of August’s total solar eclipse and is a great family camera.

EOS 6D Mark II for HD Video

The new full-frame Canon EOS 6D Mark II is really a great platform for single-person video operation — whether video is a big part of what you do, or something you’d like to add to your still-image shooting.  Many of the virtues this camera delivers to the still-image shooter are equally appealing for recording HD video.

Being Safe Using Solar Filters

So far in our eclipse series we’ve discussed camera bodies and lenses that can be used to photograph the upcoming total solar eclipse. This article covers solar filters, the most important consideration for solar photography and direct viewing of the solar eclipse.

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