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Lens Choice: How Changing Your Focal Length Affects Your Look

While certainly many of my early images weren't good because of a huge misunderstanding of how to work with light and how to expose, a lot had to do with not understanding how focal length affects the final look of an image. In this article, you'll learn more about how your choice in focal length has a big impact on the final look of your image.

Guide to Photographing Active Kids

Photographing active kids isn’t easy, but I’ve learned a few tricks along the way and thought I’d share some so you can learn how to photograph kids in motion and make your active-toddler (and even athletic teen) moments to cherish forever.

From Grumps to Grins

As any parent knows, getting a child to cooperate in front of the camera can be an exercise in futility. Whether you are shooting your own kids or someone else's, sometimes those kiddos just aren't interested in posing for you, but here are some tricks I use to get cooperative kids.

Get in the Shot: Tips to Master Self-Portraits With Kids

For times you don’t have someone around to help take nice photos of you and your kids together, it’s nice to know you can do it yourself. In this article I’ll outline the tools you need to take self-portraits so you can get out from behind the camera, and into the shot with your kids.

Making the Most of the Family Portrait Session for Your Clients

Lifestyle photography differs from traditional portrait photography in that it focuses on candid moments, or moments that appear to be candid, rather than traditional posed portraiture in which the subject is looking directly at the camera in a static pose.

Concert Photography: The Next Stage

Join CDLC contributor Joe Papeo as he gives you a glimpse into his life as a concert photographer, and learn tips and techniques to help you become one too!

Get in the Game: Winning Youth Sports Shots

This guide from Damian Strohmeyer will help you improve your sports photography, and give you an inside look at where he positions himself when shooting baseball and softball.

Make the Transition to Black and White Digital Photography

When it comes to photography, color is king. Our social media feeds and the glossy magazines we flick through are saturated in color. Yet, there will always be something special about black and white photographs.

Choosing Lenses for Eclipse Photography

Choosing a lens to photograph the upcoming total solar eclipse in August takes a lot more consideration than the camera body to be used because the camera is simply a light-tight box that records the image produced by the lens.

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