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Travel Photography: What Speaks to You About This Particular Location

Authenticity in your travel imagery will make a difference between a touristy image and an image from a magazine. These tips will help you achieve more authentic travel photos.

Supporting Your Camera...With a Tripod

Many photographers use their tripods reluctantly. In the case of the upcoming total eclipse of the sun in August, it’s a must. The eclipse is almost 2½ hours long and your arms will be exhausted if you don’t use one. Plus, your images will be sharper because most photographers will be using very long focal lengths to make large sun disk sizes.

Photographic Exposure of a Solar Eclipse

Since the earliest days of photography, scientists worked at making a successful image of the corona during a total solar eclipse. The first correctly exposed photograph of the corona during a total solar eclipse was made on July 28, 1851 by daguerreotypist Johann Berkowski.

Travel Photography 101

Travel photography can provide some of the most inspiring and intriguing imagery. Photographs trigger our memories, help us to illustrate a story, and show us a sense of place. When we travel, those memories can often seem richer, more vibrant, and more significant to us than when we are at home.

Photographing at Such Great Heights: A Guide to Rock Climbing Photography

This article will detail practical lessons learned in the vertical pursuit of rock climbing photography. Special attention will be paid to the task of carrying a DSLR around in the mountains and up on the rock wall.

Small Lights, Big Results: The Eight Speedlite Wedding

Since Canon introduced the Speedlite 600EX-RT system, with its versatile “Radio Transmit” (RT) feature, there is no longer a need to use anything other than Speedlite 600EX-RTs in multiples to take all the photographs during an average wedding. Learn how to use these versatile tools at your next wedding shoot.

Being Safe Using Solar Filters

So far in our eclipse series we’ve discussed camera bodies and lenses that can be used to photograph the upcoming total solar eclipse. This article covers solar filters, the most important consideration for solar photography and direct viewing of the solar eclipse.

A Total Guide to Totality: Solar Eclipse Photography

Solar eclipses are a rare natural phenomenon. Total solar eclipses are even rarer. On August 21, 2017 there will be a total solar eclipse viewable and photographable across the entire United States.

Revisiting Route 66 With My Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

In this article, I’ll share with you some of my favorite images [of Route 66] along with some photography and processing tips. In the subsequent articles, I’ll share more new images along with additional photo tips.

From Ground to Air: An Introduction to Drone Photography

Drones give photographers a bird's-eye view of the planet. Dramatic aerial shots, once the preserve of professional photographers with big budgets, are now accessible to all.

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