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The Dancers: A Fine Art Ballet Project With Canon Explorer of Light Tyler Stableford

See behind the scenes with Canon Explorer of Light Tyler Stableford as he photographs a fine-art project with Aspen Santa Fe Ballet dance company. As a lifelong adventure photographer and filmmaker, Tyler had almost never set foot in a photo studio. But then, inspiration came in an unlikely way...

Equipping Yourself for Sports Photography: A Three-tiered Approach

In this article, I am going to give you some advice on equipment, shooting locations, settings and more. And I am going to do so in three categories, starting with the lower cost DSLR and lenses, moving up to moderate priced equipment, and then ending with the big-boy equipment that you see on the sidelines of your favorite professional sporting events.

Revisiting Route 66 With My Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

In this article, I’ll share with you some of my favorite images [of Route 66] along with some photography and processing tips. In the subsequent articles, I’ll share more new images along with additional photo tips.

Capturing Great Family Vacation Photos

A family vacation is one of those special events throughout the year that you’ll want to remember. It’s a good idea to plan ahead, so you’re prepared to photograph the moments you want to cherish. Here are some things to think about from packing to unpacking.

1 Speedlite, 5 Photography Tips

Stepping from available light into the world of strobes is one of the most critical moves a photographer can make in their career. It can also be extremely intimidating. To combat the terror and suspicion, I encourage photographers on this journey by telling them to start with one light.

Photographing Fireworks

Fireworks are one of the most inspiring and photogenic, yet challenging, subjects to capture. Learn which settings and accessories can help you in those shooting situations.

Creative Uses of Extreme Focal Lengths for Landscape Photography

Compositions that fall well outside these limits have the potential to evoke the more abstract qualities of human perception, such as the ability of our brains to combine certain visual stimuli and to isolate others. For the photographer who would like to emphasize the ‘mind’s eye,’ extreme focal lengths have a lot to offer.

Photographing the Moon and Moonlit Landscapes

Seeing the moon shining on the mountain peaks, I quickly set up to capture the moonlit landscape, placing some rocks in the foreground of the icy lake. I press the shutter for my first shot of the day knowing it will be my favorite and sunrise isn’t even for another half-hour. What a wonderful morning!

Posing Tips for Successful Portraits

As a portrait photographer, understanding how to pose your subjects is one of the more difficult skills to master. Each subject is different and nailing a flattering pose every time can be a big challenge. The goal of this article is to provide guidance and best practices when photographing people.

What's New: Two Updated L-series 70-200mm Lenses

It’s admittedly difficult to take two lens designs that are already regarded by many users and reviewers as among the finest lenses of their type in the industry, and improve upon them.  But Canon engineers have done that, with thoughtful updates that add to their already impressive optical performance, without detracting anything in terms of features, performance, or size & weight.  

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