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Travel Photography: What Speaks to You About This Particular Location

Authenticity in your travel imagery will make a difference between a touristy image and an image from a magazine. These tips will help you achieve more authentic travel photos.


Supporting Your Camera...With a Tripod

Many photographers use their tripods reluctantly. In the case of the upcoming total eclipse of the sun in August, it’s a must. The eclipse is almost 2½ hours long and your arms will be exhausted if you don’t use one. Plus, your images will be sharper because most photographers will be using very long focal lengths to make large sun disk sizes.


Canon EOS Rebel T7i Tutorial Series

Join us as a we take a look at the features and benefits of the Canon EOS Rebel T7i. Whether you are stepping up from a smartphone, or just upgrading from an older EOS Rebel model, these videos will help you make the most out of your Rebel T7i.

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