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A Beginner's Guide to Wildlife Photography

After years of snapping cute cat photos, you are ready to take your animal photography skills to the next level. Wildlife photography is a challenging but rewarding hobby — all you need is time, patience, and a DSLR camera. With a few tips, you'll soon be taking spectacular photographs — whether you're capturing camels in the Sahara or squirrels frolicking on your sundeck.

Apr 26, 2017 - Apr 26, 2017
Costa Mesa, CA $49 Class
Have you ever found yourself walking through a beautiful building and thought to yourself, ‘Wow, I wish I could capture this beautiful creation’?
May 11, 2017 - May 11, 2017
Costa Mesa, CA $49 Class
Photography is all about light; the nuances of light, the shadows of light, the intensity of light, the color of light, the quantity of light and the direction of light.
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