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John Pope on filming "Blood Brother"

Blood Brother, a feature documentary about a young man longing for a family and finding it at an AIDS hostel in India, was shot over a two-year period using Canon DSLRs. Cinematographer John Pope discusses how the small form factor of the EOS 5D Mark II helped him accomplish his award-winning documentary.

Dec 10, 2014 - Dec 10, 2014
Costa Mesa, CA $49
This class goes many steps beyond our beginning flash class and you’ll learn how to use single or multiple flash units off camera to create beautiful light ANYWHERE!
Presented by Dave Henry
Dec 09, 2014 - Dec 09, 2014
Costa Mesa, CA $59
Tonight’s “hands on” class is designed similar to our Critique and Print classes but with the added opportunity to do some portrait photography at the same time
Presented by Dave Henry
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